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Animation Wizards

SolidRocks for C4D - Animation rendering Wizards

SolidRocks 0.4b Comes with 2 animation wizards wich makes the animation rendering simple as never.

You'll find the animation wizards into the Tools menu of the SolidRocks interface.

MOAWiz : Moving Objects Animation wizard

Animation parameters

Simply set the frame start/frame end of your desired animation, select a folder and filename for saving your frames (and render elements if you have).

General Infos

This panel gives you some information about very important stuff to not miss before starting rendering.

Method Selector

Use Camera Path : This option allows V-Ray to compute GI relatively to the camera path. This is a V-Ray option wich helps to reduce GI flickering when using LightCache and/or Irradiance map.
NOTE : This option will not work correctly into VRay4C4d 1.9 and older due to a bug.

Single Pass render

This is the simpliest way to render ! SolidRocks will manage all Settings to render your animation.

NOTE : You should use Animation preset and BruteForce/LC to get the best of this tool.

Two-Pass render

The Two-Pass rendering is here to take benefit of Irradiance map and Lightcache GI method (IM/LC). Use of DE (Detail enhance) is highly recommended.

The goal of this wizard is to help you to render a first prepass wich will store the GI for each individual frame.

Then, in a second pass, The Wizard will launch the final render using the blend method integrated into V-Ray. Each Frame will average the GI with the GI of the neigbor frames to limit/remove GI flickering.

GI files output

This time the GI files will be precomputed first and stored on drive. Here you can explain where you want to store them for the prepass.

2 Pass render

Here you can override the default values :

Interp frames : This will tell how many frame forward and backwards you want to blend. For a value of 2 Vray Will blend the GI of 5 frames : 2 after0 the acurrent frame, 2 before the current frame, and, of course, the current frame itself.

Interp Samples : Usually this value needs to be higher, but in the case of blending Irradiance maps it needs to be lowered to gain time. A value of 7 for 5 blending frames equals a value of 35 with a single frame.

Default values will work 99% of time ;)

Render buttons

For your convenience you can launch individually the 2 sequences, or simply hit the "Render 1+2 Sequence button" and got to bed ;)




FlyWiz : Flythrough Animation wizard

This wizard will automatically manage all the complex process of setup and rendering an optimized flythrough animation, wich usually requires a lot of mouse clics.

The FlyThrough method is here to gain rendertime when everything is static except the camera. This wizard is designed to use IM/LC method as it optimizes both Irradiance map and Lightcache. The Goal of this method is to consider the GI solution "static" all over the animation .

In the first pass (compute GI) The Lightcache will be fired once for all the animation (flythrough mode). Then, the Irradiance map will be fired every X frames (depends of cam speed option) and not on all frames to gain time. Of course no final image is rendered here. Only Gi is computed and stored on drive.

FlyThrough sequence manager

You can compute the first step (compute GI) and the second step (final anim rendering) Or, just like the MOAWiz, hit "Auto-Sequence (1+2)" button and go to bed ;)


Pro tips

Thanks to the New SR0.4b wizards, you can now render all kind of animations with very simple and comfortable workflow.

If you want to go further, you can combine the 2 wizards to render a complex animation following this process : 

  • hide all moving objects
  • Render static geometry with FlyWiz to gain time (using IM/LC method)
  • Then, set all static geometry to matte/shadow with alpha contribution -1 and shadows and reflection activated.
  • unhide animated objects
  • Set SolidRocks in BruteForce/LC method, use animation preset in good quality (at least)
  • Render animated objects (with all static objets in matte/shadow)
  • Composite the 2 renders (static + moving) into your preferred postproduction tool.
  • You just made an animation rendered as fast as possible !

Please note : these techniques requires advanced skills for setting matte/shadow, and may involve multimmate passes and other render elements.

The matte/Shadows not always work correctly (it may lead in shadow in shadow situation for example) so it need to be validated before launching a full render.

Have fun With SolidRocks and its Animation Wizards !!

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