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Easy preset system

SolidRocks for C4D - Easy preset system

SolidRocks for C4D comes with a complete preset system.

Presets are stored in open XML file, and power users can modify or create they own presets by hand.

5 factory presets are preinstalled

All these presets (except the last one) comes in two flavors : For Vray 3.x and older (2.55).

  • Animation : Robust presets for animation. They should be used with our new Animation Wizards FlyWiz and MOAWiz.
  • Exterior: fast preset for simple exterior scene.
  • Interior: Robust preset, can be used in almost all situations.
  • Interior Dark: Special preset designed for very dark interior scenes.
  • Special DOF and Moblur: designed to be used when using motion blur and/or Depth of Field effects for efficient grain removal.

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