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Main interface

SolidRocks for C4D - The main interface

For ultimate ease of use, SoliRocks (SR) comes with useful tools and settings to stay focused on creation instead of loosing time on technical settings. 

Apply and Close function

SolidRocks is non destructive. When you close it, all is restored. But if you need to "apply" (bake) all SolidRocks settings to your scene, you can use this button. All SolidRocks parameters will be applied to your scene permanently.

Resolution Section

All important resolution parameters are under your mouse pointer.
SR gives quick access to standard Formats and user aspect ratio.

Quality section (The main thing)

  • Switch GI method in one click with the GI method Selector
  • Choose desired preset, or make your own (XML edit)
  • Choose the desired Quality and hit Render Button !
  • Bake Ambient Occlusion is needed and Use Detail enhance (IM/LC only) to reduce Irradiance map artifacts

Distributed rendering

Activate DR straight from SolidRocks. Easier than never ;)

Preview panel

A mini preview render is integrated in SolidRocks.
It helps user to achieve a Linear workflow as simple as a click.

  • LWF switcher for gamma 2.2 instant configuration (Linear Workflow)
  • "Post": render LWF, but not baked. Useful for applying gamma in postproduction
  • Show overexposed pixels (OverX) to assist exposure settings

Color mapping panel

Thanks to this rollout you gain fast access to essential color mapping options.
Use the slider to setup your preferred exponential/linear ratio.
Subpixel, Clamp and Affect Background are exposed into SolidRocks for best convenience.
Of course these settings (and all others) are saved and restored with each scene.

Realtime Vray update

When changing SolidRocks quality, method or render size, user can wach in realtime the changes made on V-Ray engine settings. This is very userful to understand what is doing Solidrocks, and, more than that, is a great help to understand and learn V-Ray engine.


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