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Anim : FlyWiz

FlyWiz, the flythrough animation Wizard Tool

(Included in SolidRocks)

FlyWiz automates the workflow needed to generate a Flythrough animation while using all SolidRocks optimisations and settings.

All Vray settings are automated by SolidRocks and MOAWiz to perform the animation rendering.

note : It is recommended to use the "Animation" preset in SolidRocks to get optimal results.

3 steps Tool :

  • Compute LightCache and store files on disk.
  • Compute Irradiance map (if IM method selected in SolidRocks) and store files on disk.
  • Render final frames and/OR Prepare for renderfarm

FlyWiz will help user to find good values (Lc subdivs, LC size, Irrmap every n frames), depending of parameters (Run, walk, Interior, exterior...).

User can also Override FlyWiz proposals and specify user values.

FlyWiz can also be used with other SolidRocks methods : LC/LC and BruteForce/LC. In this case, only steps 1 and 3 will perform.

Check Buttons are provided at important steps to assist the user with decision making.
Finally, FlyWiz automates the whole process in one go with no human intervention.


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